A New York Winter Love Story

Two of our darling friends from Los Angeles came out to Manhattan to celebrate the New Year with us and to have a great time in the city. Aubrey and Kendrick have been together for almost a year, and they are just so darn cute it would knock your socks off! They met at a swing dancing club and their love for vintage culture and fashion brought them together. Their retro vibe made it so much fun to shoot them because they fit perfectly with our style! It was Kendrick's first time in Manhattan so we wanted to make sure he was able to see everything important. They bought candied almonds in Central Park, had cupcakes in the Lower East Side, and ate amazing cheap pizza...ya I think we covered all of the important stuff! This is a mega picture post because we just HAD to post ALL OF THESE!!! We also shot some amazing boudoir photos of Aubrey that we'll post in a couple of days. Enjoy :)